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SECCON CTF 2023 Writeup

Not very detailed this time...

Hackergame 2020 Writeup


Hackergame 2019 Writeup


WACON 2023 Prequal Writeup

just writeup...

Sekai CTF 2023 Writeup

Recently, I played Project SEKAI CTF 2023 individually. This article contains my writeup of this CTF.

DEFCON CTF 2023 划水记鸽了

这次 DEFCON CTF,我太摸了,连划水记的素材的没有了,不写了。

DEFCON CTF 2023 Qualifier Writeup

In the DEFCON CTF Qualifier this year, I mainly contributed in challenge opacity and blackbox. This post contains the writeup for them.

Hackergame 2022 Writeup

没拿到 rk1,真可惜。

"Minimal" Arbitrary Proxy


(Possibly) the smallest natural number which SHA256 is numeric

>>> __import__('hashlib').sha256(b'6412944410893').hexdigest()

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